Wide and extended load trucking is a highly complex, labor intensive form of transportation.

Choose a carrier providing all the services needed to do the job right

  • Serving the construction industry in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Western New York, and Ontario.
  • Wide and extended load delivery of barrier walls, columns, beams, architectural walls, or double tees, we have the equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.
  • With our fleet of 100 tractors and over 100 multi axle flatbed and extendable trailers we can handle loads up to 14 feet wide, 100 feet long, and up to 100,000 pounds.

Experience with wide and extended loads

  • Wide and extended loads are so specialized and can be difficult.
  • With Capacity, you work with a carrier that has handled many wide load deliveries.
  • Capacity Precast Transport has years in the trucking business, including extensive wide load deliveries across the US and Canada.

We secure all required permits and escorts

  • Wide and extended loads require special permits and licenses, which can be very time consuming and challenging to pull.
  • Count on Capacity Precast Transport to get the all proper permits, escorts, Canada Customs documents, and equipment to ensure a hassle free, safe, and on time delivery.
  • This ensures the timely delivery of your oversize loads, and sets us apart from other trucking companies.

We own and operate our own fleet

  • It’s important that your wide load carrier maintain their own fleet so they can directly control and manage deliveries fast and efficiently.
  • Capacity Precast Transport is family-owned and operated. Since we own, operate and maintain everything in-house, we are experts on fleet capabilities, routes and efficiency.
  • This gives you a significant advantage on wide and extended load deliveries.

Delivery in the lower 48 states and Canada

  • Capacity Precast Transport runs routes every day across the lower 48 states and into Ontario.
  • We are particularly strong in the Midwest and Ontario lanes.

Latest in transportation technology

  • Transportation is always changing, so you need a carrier with the capability and resources to keep up with the evolving technological demands of the industry.
  • At Capacity Precast Transport, we’re always looking for ways to optimize fleet efficiency and improve your delivery.
  • Whether it’s improving fuel efficiency of the fleet, or utilizing the latest in satellite tracking, you can rest assured that your material is safe with us.